[email protected]: Crowdsourced supercomputing project for COVID-19

[email protected] uses distributed computing power from citizen volunteers in order to contribute to the open science research efforts of scientists studying life-saving COVID-19 therapies.

Problems and Purpose

A distributed computing project for simulating protein dynamics implicated in diseases such as COVID-19, [email protected] (FAH, or [email protected]) is bringing together citizen scientists who volunteer to run simulations on their personal computers. Insights from these data help "scientists to better understand biology, and [provide] new opportunities for developing therapeutics."[1]

Greg Bowman, assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at Washington University in St. Louis, stated that, "the data you help us generate will be quickly and openly disseminated as part of an open science collaboration of multiple laboratories around the world, giving researchers new tools that may unlock new opportunities for developing lifesaving drugs."[2]

Background History and Context

[email protected] was originated by Dr. Vijay Pande’s lab at Stanford University.[3]

Organizing, Supporting, and Funding Entities

The [email protected] project receives funding from " the United States’ National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF)". [4]

Participant Recruitment and Selection

The technology is openly downloadable as an application for anyone who wishes to participate. As of March 19, 2020, over 400,000 people have downloaded [email protected], with at least 250,000 actively participating.[5]

Methods and Tools Used


What Went On: Process, Interaction, and Participation

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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