Argentinian Youth Participatory District Councils

In Rosario, Argentina, youth participatory district councils were elected in order to engage those involved in participatory budgeting to address their peer's local concerns, and to allow youth the opportunity to democratically evaluate projects.

Problems and Purpose

Rosario's Youth Participatory District Council is a space of permanent participation made up by councillors elected in the Argentinian neighborhood assemblies in the first round of the Participatory Budget (PPJoven). Once the first round is concluded, the totality of the councilors reunite and determine what will be the mode of operation of the youth participatory council which is coordinated by a technical team in the Youth Center.

The main function of the Participatory Council is to systematize and re-elaborate the demands made by their peers, by additionally identifying the responsibilities which each one of the jurisdictions of the state (municipal, provincial, national) demand. Accordingly, the councillors can develop projects which, in the first place, were presented before the city mayor and the municipal cabinet for their technical and financial evaluation which will be discussed between all of the youth who participate in the second round.

Origins and Development

Participant Recruitment and Selection

How it Works: Process, Interaction, and Decision-Making

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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