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Digital mosaic - MODÌ is an electronic brainstorming system, combined with facilitation techniques.

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Problems and Purpose

Digital mosaic - MODÌ is an electronic brainstorming system, combined with facilitation techniques. The MODÍ is used together with other methodologies, making the systematic management of creativity and innovation a key factor for the success of the path. The MODÍ includes interactive discussion in groups on questions posed by the facilitator, the writing and visualization of the ideas and proposals of the groups through keyboards, the group re-reading of all ideas and the search for points of convergence, synergies, synthesis and new proposals. All information is then collected in a final report that contains the answers, ideas and concepts that emerged from the questions discussed among the participants of the workshop . MODÌ provides a shared conceptual space where all participants can simultaneously see and contribute their ideas and participate in the construction of knowledge both through dialogue and dialectics. During the creative sessions, with the use of keyboards able to collect the ideas of the participants, a mosaic of concepts, phrases, projects is created and projected, shared with respect to the solution of problems, suggestions, strategies, policies, for the development of new services, functions and products "(RER, 2016, p. 23).

Origins and Development

How it Works

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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RER (2016), Emilia-Romagna Region (edited by Franceschini et al.) Seinonda - Biography of the process. The story of two years of participation dedicated to the Floods Directive, Communication Service, Emilia-Romagna Region, April & gt; https: // ...

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