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Carticipe - or Debatomap for non-French speakers - is a participatory mapping tool, designed by urban sociologists and geographers to promote citizen debates and consultation on a city or territory.

Problems and Purpose

The aim of Carticipa/Debatomap is to involve and engage citizens in decision making on city-related matters and urban planning processes through interactive mapping and GIS (geographic information systems).[1] 

Origins and Development

Carticipe (or Debatomap’) was created in 2013 by the urban planning consultancy, Repérage Urbain and has since been used in over thirty communities for a variety of projects in France and abroad.[2] Carticipe (Debatomap’) is exclusively used in the context of civic engagement and is adapted to fit the preferences and project guidelines of each and every community Reperage Urbain works with.[1]

How it Works

The map is an interactive and innovative tool for surveying communities, cobining social science methodologies and social media features. Individuals or organizations using Debatomap’ can customize it to meet their community’s projects and goals and the interface is updated regularly by the developers from feedback and ideas generated during in-person activities or workshops.[1]

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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This platform was identified in the context of research conducted at TU Delft, Department OTB, The Netherlands, and published open access in the International Journal of E-Planning Research.