Ladysmith Feminist Data Toolkit

September 4, 2018 Claire Buchanan
September 3, 2018 Scott Fletcher Bowlsby
September 3, 2018 Claire Buchanan

This method was developed by Ladysmith Ventures to help international development organizations collect, analyze, and take action on gender data. This method focuses on 'thick' data.

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Problems and Purpose

The Feminist Data Toolkit is designed to collect gender data in the best way possible. The method focuses on using applied enthnography ("thick data") to develop trust with women and their local communties. 

Origins and Development

Ladysmith Ventures created the Feminist Data Toolkit to help policymakers, program designers, and social movements use gender data. 

Participant Recruitment and Selection

The Feminist Data Toolkit uses 4 main methods to enagage with participants. 

1. Applied enthography ("Thick Data")

The goal of this is to develop trust with women and their local communities. The requires immersing in women's everyday lives, listening, and observing. 

2. "No research about us, without us."

This serves as a reminder that women need to be involved in the whole research process. 

3. Combining big data with "thick" data

Combining big statistical data with what has been learned by applied enthography and thick data to evaluate the quality of the statisical data. Using thick data, together with statisitcal data, can help show what is missing with statisitcal data. 

4. Telling women's stories

It is important to put gender data in the political, economic, and historical context. Communicating gender data in ways that compel people to take action is important. 

How it Works: Process, Interaction, and Decision-Making

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Creating powerful gender data and presenting it in ways that comples people to take action can help make more effective policy briefs, research projects and reports, editorials, etc. 

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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