Q&A Session

Q&A sessions are often held during deliberative events to allow participants to gain knowledge from experts, officials, and others knowledgeable on the topic under discussion. Most Q&A sessions are moderated and some may use technological assistance.

Problems and Purpose

Q&A sessions are often held at the outset of a deliberative event to inform participants on the issue(s) under deliberation. The Q&A is often preceded by 'testimonies' or informational lectures by a panel of experts in their field. The term 'expert' is used to denote those who organizers (or, in some cases, the participants) deemed worthy of sharing their opinions on the subject and can include stakeholders, public officials or academics (etc). 

Q&A sessions with experts are an important component of many participatory processes such as Citizens' Juries, and Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis

Origins and Development

How it Works

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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