Actions Solidaires de Soutien aux Organisations et d’Appui aux Libertés (Solidarity Actions of Support to Organisations Promoting Freedom – ASSOAL)

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Mission and Purpose

ASSOAL is a social organization supporting local development actors and processes in Cameroon. It supports the development of public policy to fight poverty and inequality.[1]

Origins and Development 

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

ASSOAL has worked with the Réseau National des Habitants du Cameroun (National Network of the Inhabitants of Cameroon) since 2006 to improve access to affordable housing. Beginning with a series of pilot interventions including participatory budgeting and housing cooperatives, their work has led to several proposals for nation-wide policies.[2] 

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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[1] “Qui Sommes Nous,” Site Officiel d’ASSOAL Pour le Developpement Local, 2009, [Archived]

[2] “Cooperative Programme for the Development of Urban Neighbourhoods,” World Habitat, 2013,

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