Climate Action Network Canada (CAN-RAC)

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Climate Action Network Canada is a diverse coalition of over 100 public, private, and non-profit organizations. The coalition works to develop policies and front-line solutions to manage the nation's carbon output and to advance inclusive sustainable development.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Climate Action Network Canada - Reseau action climat Canada (CAN-RAC) is:

“To combat climate change, particularly by building social consensus for the implementation of comprehensive climate change action plans by all levels of government, based on the best available science, with specific policies, targets, timetables and reporting, and to work with Canada’s governments, First Nations, Inuit and Métis, private sector, labour, and civil society for the effective implementation of these plans.”[i]

Origins and Development

CAN-RAC is a coalition of more than 100 different organizations. The organization believes in investing in climate change solutions to keep families and communities safe across the country. CAN-RAC is the only network in Canada to bring labour, development, faith-based and Indigenous groups together to tackle climate change solutions. CAN-RAC is unique because it is the only network that is mandated to address the climate movement as a whole, rather than promoting the individual goals of organization.[ii]

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

The CAN-RAC coalition is run by a board and a staff network. The staff network handles day to day operations and includes an executive director, operations and outreach coordinator, membership campaign coordinator, international policy analyst, policy research intern, and a director of finance. 

Specializations, Methods and Tools

CAN-RAC has three main areas of specialization and activities.

1. Nurturing and Providing Services to Network Members

CAN-RAC works to provide the space and coordination effort needed to get diverse Canadian organizations interested in climate change action. CAN-RAC provides membership and access to climate-related events and policies. Every year, CAN-RAC holds a major conference called ClimaCon. ClimaCon is advertised as the largest convergence of climate heros. The goal is to bring people from all corners of the climate movement together to share and build relationships. 

2. Policy Development and Advocacy with Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments
CAN-RAC uses its position to influence policy development and decision makers. In addition, the network promotes climate friendly policy options. CAN-RAC uses buy-in, from their broad network of organizations that are members of CAN-RAC, to promote these policies.. CAN-RAC also offers credible policy advice on domestic and international climate policy development. 

3. Building and Maintaining Canadian Civil Society’s Capacity to Engage in the International Sphere of Climate Action

CAN-RAC’s goal is to bring the work of Canadian organizations to the global stage. CAN-RAC uses its position in the international realm to inspire leadership and highlight the activities that taking place in Canada. In addition, CAN-RAC prepares Canadian organizations for major international events related to climate change by providing regular prep calls and information sharing. The coalition also hosts a number of bilingual webinars and workshops to help keep their members up-to-date on the latest climate initiatives, information, and actions.

Major Projects and Events

CAN-RAC hosts a number of major events. Below is a sample of a few of their largest events. 

1. ClimaCON is Canada’s largest convergence of ‘climate heros’ and creates a space for people from across Canada to collaborate, learn, share, and build relationships. The conference takes place every October, for three days. More information can be found here: 

2. Webinar-Workshops

CAN-RAC holds a number of webinars and workshops throughout the year to help inform their members about climate initiatives and actions. They are offered in both French and English and provide members with valuable information. A breakdown of past webinars can be found here: 


CAN-RAC has been involved in research and numerous publications a selection of which is publicly available on their website .    

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