Youth Association for Development and Environment (YADE)

April 16, 2019 Scott Fletcher Bowlsby
December 9, 2018 mhelmy18

Youth Association for Development & Environment (YADE) is an Egyptian youth-led non-governmental organization, founded in 1998. YADE seeks to make a positive and sustained impact on Egypt’s social change.

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Mission and Purpose

Youth Association for Development & Environment (YADE) 's mission is to make a positive and sustained impact on Egypt’s social, cultural, economic development and through activating and engaging Egyptian youth in the community’s development, civic work and decision-making arenas. YADE achieves those goals through utilizing from rights, networking, and community participation based-approaches to addressing Egypt’s development problems especially in marginalized communities and propose the solution through innovative activities. YADE's work encompasses number of different sectors including Women's Rights, Education, Governance & Civic Engagement, and Agriculture & Natural Resources Management

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