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University of the Western Cape Department of Political Studies

May 10, 2019 Scott Fletcher Bowlsby

A dynamic team that strives for excellence in teaching and research, providing a balanced mixed of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes covering International Relations, Comparative Politics, South African politics and Political Theory.

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Mission and Purpose

The University of the Western Cape's Department of Political Studies is inclusive and engaged, internationally recognized for their cutting-edge research and innovative teaching and learning. The Department collaborates with a range of academic and civil society partners, and fosters a collegial and stimulating internal working environment. The Department's state mission is to:

  • Be inclusive to students by offering value-for-money programmes of study in a supportive environment that demands the highest standards while providing innovative learning support and enhanced supervision
  • Engage real world issues by preparing students for careers in civil society and government, and by collaborating on research with other departments and NGOs, locally and internationally
  • Continue to pursue internationally-recognised research agendas, employ innovative teaching and learning approaches, and foster postgraduate communities of learning that link alumni with civil society and government[1]

Origins and Development 

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