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October 28, 2019 Jaskiran Gakhal, Participedia Team
September 27, 2019 alexmengozzi

Since 1998 Eclectica has been involved in social research, training and methodological accompaniment. The working group is made up of sociologists, trainers, educators and psychologists who are experts on issues related to lifestyles, risky behaviors and well-being.

Mission and purpose

Thanks to a flexible organization and a consolidated network of professional collaborators, Eclectica supports public and private entities, from the local to the international level, in all phases of the realization of a project (detection of needs, planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, communication).

Origins and Development

It was born in 1998.

Organizational structure, membership and funding

2 founding members and responsible for research and training

2 researchers

1 administrative

A network of collaborators

Specializations, methods and tools

Eclectica specializes in projects concerning risk behaviors and in particular addictions.

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and lessons learned


Rolando S., Beccaria F. (2019) Drugs and Alcohol Today


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