Shared Future, A Community Interest Company

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Shared Future CIC are committed to community empowerment, social enterprise and democratic participation. As a social enterprise that works with non-profits, the public sector, and ethical private companies, they provide expertise, build connections and deliver projects.

Mission and Purpose

The mission of Shared Future CIC is to move those they engage with towards greater individual and collective authority and autonomy, by supporting their ability to act wisely, confidently and in community with others.

They are a Community Interest Company primarily serving the North West of England but with a growing pool of associates based across the UK; thus, they are able to undertake work anywhere in the UK as well as occasionally working internationally. The organization aims to provide a service that makes a difference to communities and individuals and works towards a fairer, more equal society.

Origins and Development

Due to a commitment to creating a fairer and more sustainable world, the organisers decided to set up Shared Future in 2009.

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

The company is run by six directors, and consists of a team of experienced associates with a diverse range of skills; this team collaborates on projects that they perceive to be worthwhile, stimulating, and which reflect their personal values.

The organization generally works on projects commissioned by public bodies, and also occasionally by securing grants. They operate on a consultancy model, bringing together teams of associates to work on project collectively, based on the requirements of the specific project. Also, partnering with like minded organisations is a feature of this organisation's structure.

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

A range of their projects appear on their official website, including deliberative democracy processes, such as the Scottish Health Council Citizen Inquiry into Realistic Medicine, and also a large body of work relating to participatory budgeting. [1] These include a range of toolkits and free resources.

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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See their website reports pages for a range of publications based on Shared Future's work.

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[1] Shared Future, CIC (2019). "Realistic Medicine: Recommendations from Scotland’s Citizens Jury on Shared Decision Making" Retrieved from

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