Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN)

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Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) was a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank operating in Ottawa, Canada from 1994 to 2009, with a mission focused on citizen engagement and policy research and analysis.

Mission and Purpose

The Canadian Policy Research Networks mission was to "create knowledge and lead public dialogue and discussion on social and economic issues important to the well-being of all Canadians." They analyzed "public policy issues in health care, supports to families, learning opportunities, job quality, and sustainable cities and communities...[while engaging] more Canadians on public policy...have led to dialogues on issues that are fundamental to our democracy, including civic engagement and the low voter participation by young people." [1]

The CPRN research agenda included:

  • "Social innovation
  • Citizenship and civic engagement, including youth engagement
  • Diversity and Canadian values
  • Creating strong, environmentally sustainable communities
  • Health human resources
  • Health and an ageing population
  • Labour market, productivity and skills development
  • Education and career pathways
  • Job quality
  • Affordable housing" [2]

Origins and Development 

The Canadian Policy Research Networks (CPRN) closed its doors in 2009 due to a loss of long-term funding commitments.

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Canadian Policy Research Networks' Citizen Dialogue

Major Projects and Events

2002 Citizens' Dialogues During the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada

2005 Citizens' Dialogue on the Future of Health Care in Canada

2005-2006 Citizens' Dialogue on Sharing Funds for a Better Canada

Citizens' Dialogue on the Long-term Management of Used Nuclear Fuel

Analysis and Lessons Learned


Through more than 700 publications, CPRN's work touches on many of the major socio-economic challenges facing Canadian society.

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