Urban Equipe

March 29, 2020 Jaskiran Gakhal, Participedia Team
February 4, 2020 lars

Urban Equipe is an association of urbanists, spatial planners and other enthusiasts who have been involved in civil society initiatives and who work for a greater exchange of knowledge and higher levels of participation in urban development.

Mission and Purpose

Urban Equipe considers many-voiced, accessible and adaptive cities to be sustainable. Such cities are not created by top-down or bottom-up methods, but rather through committed actors and a collaborative urbanism: by bringing the urban population together with planning offices, politics and city administration and by working together. Because they want to, can and may do so.

The association focuses on the commitment of the urban population and support civil society actors in building bridges, organising knowledge exchanges, translating concerns and making quiet voices heard.

Origins and Development

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Since 2019, Urban Equipe have been continuously developing their Urban Equipment. It comprises tactics, methods, formats and tools that accompany and strengthen civil society involvement in urban development. Not only with classic mediation formats and participation methods, but with fresh, unconventional, playful approaches. From event ideas and process suggestions to inspiring examples of application and concrete manuals, construction plans and codes. This is how new solutions for old and new problems are created.

If possible (and applicable), Urban Equipe tests the Urban Equipment at specific locations, on specific topics and usually together with partners (i.e. the population, similar associations or authorities). There are always opportunities to participate. The entire Urban Equipment can be accessed under a Creative Commons License, i.e. without exclusive property rights and universally accessible.

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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