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Primaidea Srl is a consulting company which provides services to Public administrative bodies and private firms; it is focussed on the enhancement of potentials and strenghtening of development capacity owned by institutional and productive systems.

Mission and Purpose

Primaidea Srl is a consulting company that specialises in providing technical assistance and support to Public Authorities and private businesses in a wide range of activities.

Primaidea Srl boasts ten years experience in the strategic planning sector, other than in planning and managing heterogeneous and complex projects.

It also helps its clients apply for regional, national and EU funding, aimed to facilitate investment plans and local development.

Primaidea Srl is committed to offering high quality services to guarantee the success of any assignments.

The top-notch expertise gained over the years allowed Primaidea Srl to extend its core business, working more and more on integrated communication projects.

In addition, as a part of an international network with partners across Europe and the Mediterranean basin, Primaidea Srl activates and manages international projects where Public and Institutional Authorities, other than Research Centres, enterprises and Universities are involved.

Origins and Development

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

  • Raimondo Schiavone, CEO, founder, lawyer, project manager.
  • Graziano di Paola, Managing director, business manager, project designer in policy making.
  • Mattia Putzu, Financial expert.

Further expertise are focussed on: international relations, economics and business administration, graphic design.

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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