Metamor Architects and Associates

August 28, 2020 alexmengozzi

Architecture studio, co-founded by Juri Battaglini, planner that coordinates participatory processes and approaches oriented towards self-sustainability as defined by the Italian territorial school.

Mission and purpose

The studio operates in the field of Architecture and Urban Planning, making use of all the skills and tools necessary for the design of processes that have as their final goal that of planning and development of the territory and architectural design. to face the challenges of every day. We work with our clients, local communities and our consultants to create an inclusive and enduring architecture.

We engage our customers in many ways; from dialogue to the use of digital technologies, such as virtual reality (Link 1)

Origins and development

Metamor is an interdisciplinary practice for architecture, urban design, landscape architecture and interior design, born in 2007 as a professional association between architects (Link 1).

Organizational structure, membership and funding

Specializations, methods and tools

Main projects and events

Analysis and lessons learned


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