Aklilu GebreMichael Shomoro

Member Since 2018

My name is Aklilu GebreMichael Shomoro, was born in 1981. I was graduated from Addis Ababa University of Ethiopia and Inderagande Open University in the field of BSc.~ Applied Science-Physics and MA-Economics respectively. I shifted from applied natural science to social science; because, what I have been dreaming in my heart didn’t go with my academic preparations. This means that my heart was constantly beating to better understand the social, economic, cultural and psycho-social challenges of my community so as to fight against and address them. Currently, I am serving and working as Executive Director for Love In Action Ethiopia (LIAE); that I am one of the founding members of this specific organization. To state general overview of the organization (LIAE) that I am currently at work, since the establishment, 2011, the organization has been working in four regional states of Ethiopia and has invested about a total budget amount to 123,691,797.00 and reached about 1,092,058 beneficiaries directly and more than 10 million people indirectly though working on education, health and capacity building activities that includes granting different organization and associations with about 15,139,815.00 ETB. In connection to my professional career, I have been involved in the area of: Planning activities by systematically diagnosing the needs, assets and challenges of the stakeholders and the community in general as a key path way to designing programs and mobilizing internal and external resources; Providing Leadership at Technical, Executive and Organizational Level; Providing Trainings and Teachings as Part of Technical Assistances to Various Groups and Staffs; Consultancy In Various Technical Working Groups and NGOs; Project Writer: Material Production: Conducting Research Activities as Led and Subordinate Person; and so on. I have been serving my good country diligently through connecting myself to various job responsibilities of various organizations for the last about 15 years, since 2004. Thus, from 'all-possible' knowledge sharing plat forms and opportunity, I always aspire to see and get practical insights and learning on leadership skills and competencies on the area of development program management which at the end will improve the performance of the first person (i.e. myself); the second persons (i.e. my teams) and the third persons-citizens.