Hugo Quintero

Member Since 2021

Hugo holds a Bachelor of science in Civil Engineering, and currently working on a master’s degree on Economics of the Environment and the Natural Resources. 

He´s experienced in project management, public and institutional relations, sustainable development and implementation of strategies and policies. 

As Chief Director of the Ecology and Urban Planning Department of Loreto Baja California Sur, Mexico, he developed the preliminary assessment studies for the municipal urban development plan of Loreto; designed, planned and controlled the urban development of San Nicolas, Ensenada Blanca, Miramar. 

As head of the Water Supply and Sewerage Dept. of Loreto, Hugo introduced changes that lead to fix the financial issues, deployed and updated information technology systems, and implemented a water conservation and outreach program. 

With his skills on the subjects of information access, public transparency, consensus, participatory planning, negotiation techniques and leadership; Hugo actively participated in the development of the Local Ecological Zoning Program of Loreto (POEL) and the Sub-regional Loreto Urban Development Program (PSDUL). 

With shared concern about the pressure of the economic grow into the natural resources and the future of Loreto, with a group of local and foreign resident friends, co-founded Eco-Alianza de Loreto, a conservationist nonprofit committed to protect and preserve the fragile eco-systems in the Bay of Loreto by strengthen grassroots community-based efforts; Hugo first served as President of Eco-Alianza, and since 2014 he is CEO;

Hugo’s work in Eco-Alianza has help define and develop the strategies and tactics for all the programs, improving the public relations with the government and the local community; leading to some major goals like:

  • The approval by the city council of the local ecological zoning program of Loreto (POEL), that is now serving to protect Loreto’s precious water resources against potential threats
  • The design and building of the Community Center for the Environment, now actively hosting workshops and meetings related to conservation of Natural & Cultural resources of the region and serving as home base for Eco-Alianza
  • The facilitation of the Loreto, BCS / Ventura, CA Marine Parks and Cities Sister international relationship agreements, for the intercultural, multidiscipline interchange and collaboration of organizations and individuals for a wildlife and culture without borders
  • He also co-design and created the Loreto´s network of environmental educators initiative, working to serve a base of thousands of students; and most recently
  • The design and implementation of the movement as means to promote citizen participation for the defense and conservation of Loreto’s territory and watersheds, against the threats of toxic mining activities in the region.

Since 2017, Hugo has served honorary positions at the advisory board for the Bay of Loreto National Park, and at the advisory board and Board of Directors of the Municipal Operator of the Water Supply and Sewerage System of Loreto.