Hackathon We Girls Hack

September 22, 2020 Jesi Carson, Participedia Team
September 17, 2020 LATINNO

The Hackathon We Girls Hack is an initiative that seeks to promote women and people of non-binary gender to get involved in the development of digital solutions to foster gender equality and perspective.

Problems and Purpose

The Hackathon We Girls Hack is an initiative of the organization Women in Technology Cordoba, coordinated by the Institute of Studies in Law, Economics and Society (IEDES). The organization invites women and people of non-binary gender to participate in the development of web applications with gender perspective. Some of the challenges that the hackathon aims to address is the generation of a directory of women working in the area of technology in the province, creating apps to inspire a vocation for technology in girls and teenagers and apps containing organizational culture questionnaires to identify gender-based discrimination The hackathon takes place in the offices of the company Mercado Libre. 

Background History and Context

Organizing, Supporting, and Funding Entities

Participant Recruitment and Selection

Methods and Tools Used

What Went On: Process, Interaction, and Participation

Influence, Outcomes, and Effects

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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