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LATINNO is the first comprehensive and systematic source of data on new institutions for citizen participation evolving in Latin America – the so-called  democratic innovations.

LATINNO assumes that citizen participation has become an important means to improve the quality of democracy in Latin America. Thousands of new institutional designs have been created in the previous years that aim not only to include more citizens in the political process, but also – through citizen participation – to make governments more responsive and institutions more accountable, in addition to strengthening the rule of law, and promoting social equality.

LATINNO has collected data on democratic innovations evolving in 18 Latin America countries from the years of 1990 to 2019. The data is coded for 43 variables related to the context, institutional design, and impact of each innovation. Along with the quantitative data, qualitative information on each case has also been gathered and assessed. This prolifically rich content is now being analyzed in policy briefs and academic papers.

LATINNO is not just a dataset. It is a research project that produces new, comparative knowledge on democratic innovations, democracy, and citizen participation in Latin America. For more information about the LATINNO project please visit 

The LATINNO Project is coordinated by Thamy Pogrebinschi, at the Department Democracy and Democratization of the WZB Berlin Social Science Center. It is currently funded by the Open Society Foundations.