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The Centre for Public Involvement is a centre of excellence to advance the practice and scholarship of public involvement.

Mission and Purpose

The Centre for Public Involvement was launched by the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta in provide a space for decision-makers and the public to actively seek, consider, and apply the most effective methods for public involvement. The goal of the Centre is to advance the field of public involvement through the collaborative research, testing, and evaluation of current and innovative practices.[1] The Centre supports the City of Edmonton's mission to: 

  1. Evaluate public engagement and its impacts
  2. Address systemic and structural barriers to participation
  3. Make public engagement fun, creative, and accessible
  4. Build capacity for learning to support participation
  5. Value and recognize excellence in engagement[2]

In 2018 the Centre merged with the City Region Studies Centre (CRSC) at the University of Alberta where it was reorganized as the CRSC's 'Community Engagement' program. The mission of the CRSC is to engage “communities in the Capital Region and across Alberta to promote public discussion and community involvement in research to enhance the lives of people in city-regions."

Origins and Development 

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

The Centre for Public Involvement has been involved in the organization and implementation of a wide range of public involvement projects including the Edmonton Citizens' Jury on Internet Voting and the Citizens’ Panel on Edmonton’s Energy & Climate Challenges.

Analysis and Lessons Learned


See Also

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[2] Fiona Cavanagh, Zane Hamm, Mary Pat MacKinnon, Susanna Haas Lyons, David Kahane, Matt Leighninger, Roger Graves, and Iwona Faferek, "Strengthening Public Engagement in Edmonton," Report for the City of Edmonton Council Initiative on Public Engagement (Edmonton, AB: Centre for Public Involvement, 2015),

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