Udine University Department of Human Sciences

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An interdisciplinary research department involved with several cross-border projects and collaborations with public administrations and private companies.

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Mission and Purpose

The Department of Human Sciences was a collaborative group of researchers from the University of Udine who supported a number of cross-border research projects and oversaw the development and execution of the Regional Landscape Plan for participatory development.[1]

Origins and Development 

The Department of Human Sciences was decommissioned in 2015 and its staff merged into the new Department of Languages ​​and Literatures, Communication, Training and Society (DILL); and the Department of Humanistic Studies and Cultural Heritage (DIUM).[2]

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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[1] “Piano Paesaggistico Regionale,” Università di Udine, 2015,

[2] “Il 31.12.2015 Il Dipartimento Di Scienze Umane (DISU) è Stato Disattivato,” Università di Udine, December 31, 2015,

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