Youth Outreach Programme Cameroon (YOP)

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A Cameroon-based youth organisation working to empower youth to take part in the country's development and policy-making process.

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Mission and Purpose

Youth Outreach Programme Cameroon's (YOP) mission is to give young people the skills they need to make informed decisions and actively involved in the country's development process.[1]

Origins and Development 

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YOP operates four main program areas including: Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health (ASRH); Community Education, Empowerment and Development (CEED); Good Governance and Human Rights (GG&HR) and Media and Communication (M&C). YOP works with a team of passionate, committed and experienced development facilitators (national and international) with diverse professional backgrounds (journalists, anthropologists, lawyers, social scientists, agricultural experts, youth counselors, researchers, accountants and development consultants).

In 2007, YOP started working strategically with municipalities. In 2008 and 2009, YOP, supported by the Welsh Assembly and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), develop a Youth Communication Strategy and a National Volunteering Scheme for councils. YOP works in partnership with the Northwest Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Youth and Civic Education, and several national and community development actors and organizations.

In 2009, YOP carried out a survey on youth participation in municipal activities with over 2,000 youth from five municipalities. Based on the results of the findings, YOP initiated the Advocacy for the Development and Implementation of Municipal Youth Policies. This led to the signing of five municipal policy frameworks, the development of seven Municipal Youth Action Plans, and the adoption of three municipal youth policies. Presently, YOP is strengthening the capacities of youth leaders to advocate for the implementation of youth policies in Northwest Cameroon. In 2010, YOP has received support from the European Union, previously by Programme d’Appui a la Structuration de la Société Civile (PASOC), and now the Civil Society Strengthening Programme (PASC). YOP hopes to reinforce its actions and to ensure greater youth participation in community governance. So far YOP has reached over 1,000 youth leaders 15 municipalities in northwest Cameroon.

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