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SFU's Faculty of Environment offers numerous collaborative, cross-discipline courses, programs, and events. The Faculty is dedicated to the study of sustainable, society-wide solutions and thus seeks to involve community partners and other stakeholders in its work and teaching.

Mission and Purpose

Simon Fraser University's Faculty of the Environment is dedicated to the interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and academic study of the natural and human environment. Their programs include topics such as: 

  • Past environments, aboriginal and archeological origins of society
  • Human and physical geography
  • Environmental management and resource issues
  • Sustainable community development
  • Environmental science
  • Business and sustainability
  • Global climate change and environment systems[1]

Origins and Development

The Faculty was established in 2009[2] and is the only Faculty of Environment in Western Canada.[3] 

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

The Faculty has six departments/schools: archaeology, environmental science, ecological restoration, geography, resource and environmental management, and resource and environmental planning.[4] The Faculty’s research is carried out by the following research institutes and centres: 

  • Adaptation to Climate Change Team
  • Centre for Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Transportation Action Research Team
  • Centre for Forensic Research
  • Cooperative Resource Management
  • Pacific Water Research Centre
  • Centre for Tourism, Policy and Research[5] 

Specializations, Methods and Tools

The Faculty uses numerous participatory methods and tools in the classroom and in the field. Classes are student-centred, involving collaborative, experiential, skill-based, and ethically informed.[6] All aspects of the Faculty's work are done with an eye to interdisciplinary and cross-sector participation. Community events such as roundtables and summits are held throughout the year to engage with everyone and anyone in the fight against climate change towards a sustainable society.[7] 

Major Projects and Events

The Faculty of Environment recently partnered with Participedia, Women Transforming Cities, CityHive, and the Suzuki Elders to host a community dialogue on the inclusion of women in climate change solutions. The roundtable focused on knowledge sharing and translation, involving participant presentations, group dialogue, and the use of poster-boards to graphically express or 'mind-map' of ideas and creative solutions to the inclusion of diverse, female voices in the fight against climate change.[8] 

Analysis and Lessons Learned

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The Faculty’s various departments and centres produce a number of public reports and blog posts as well as academic and peer reviewed research papers.[9] 

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