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The Region of Tuscany is the body responsible for enacting and implementing legislation in the region and its municipalities.

Mission and Purpose

The Region of Tuscany is the official legislative body in the region. It is charged with enacting legislation as well as overseeing and directing its implementation by the region and all municipalities therein. One of its most important bodies for the advancement of participatory democracy is the Authority for the Promotion of Participation (APP) which was created to oversee and ensure the implementation of regional law 46 (2013) which calls for the promotion of public participation in regional and local politics.

Origins and Development

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

The Legislative Assembly of the Authority consits of forty elected councilors who meet in groups according to their political affiliations. The President represents the Regional Council and, as such, has the power to convene Authority meetings, and to preside over and direct its work. The President is assisted by the Bureau, composed of two Vice-Presidents and two Secretaries, in his work to ensure the representation of minorities.

The APP has established several standing and special committees to oversee the implementation of regional policies and to ensure official acts are consistent with the Law of Participation. Committees include:

Standing Committees

  • First Committee: Institutional Affairs, Planning, Budgeting, Information and Communication
  • Second Committee: Economic and rural development, culture, education, training
  • Third Committee: Health and Social Policies
  • Fourth Committee: Territory, environment, mobility, infrastructures
  • Control Committee

Institutional Committees

  • Institutional Committee on European Policies and International Affairs
  • Institutional Committee on the Coastal Economic and Social Development

Investigative Committees

  • Committee for the oversite of expenditure and reporting by the Tuscan branch of the National Union of Municipalities, Mountain Communities and Entities (UNCEM)
  • Commission for the Investigation of Forteto's Political and Institutional Responsibility [the committee concluded its work on 22 June 2016.]
  • Commission for the Investigation of the Monte dei Paschi Siena Foundation and Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena [the committee concluded its work on July 28, 2016.]

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Major Projects and Events

Analysis and Lessons Learned


See Also

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