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A non-governmental organization supporting more and better collaboration between cities and their citizens.

Mission and Purpose

Cities of Service mission is to "chang[e] the way local government and citizens work together." With a coalition of over 260 member cities across Europe and the America, Cities of Service facilitates the sharing of knowledge and best practices when it comes to citizen engagement and participatory governance.[1] Their work is driven by the philosophy that:

  • "Local government works better when it is open to the ideas and talents of citizens and starts with the assumption that citizen collaboration is a force for good.
  • Citizens have deep expertise in their own lives and in what’s best for their families and communities – and their expertise can be leveraged to deliver better services and solve public problems.
  • Citizen contributions can take many forms, from defining and prioritizing problems to generating ideas to volunteering their time, creativity, and expertise."[2]

Origins and Development

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