Former Fadda. Cooperative Something different (San Vito dei Normanni)

August 21, 2020 alexmengozzi

Regenerated place, multifunctional cultural center where self-management and public participation are promoted.

Mission and purpose

"In the heart of Puglia there is an old disused wine factory, abandoned for decades. We are transforming it into a new public space for aggregation, creativity and social innovation" (Link 1).

Origins and development

ExFadda is an Urban Laboratory promoted by Bollenti Spiriti , the Puglia Region program for youth policies.

Organizational structure, membership and funding

ExFadda is managed by a consortium of local companies and associations active in the fields of communication, culture and social issues.

Lead partner in the management is the company Sandei Srl of San Vito dei Normanni which also takes care of the communication of workshops and participatory processes such as San Vitu Mia reloaded (see also).

The Cooperativa Something Different takes care of participatory processes like San Vitu Mia reloaded (see also), however it is the manager of the ExFadda Caffè, of XFood (the restaurant) and of XFarm (social agriculture).

Specializations, methods and tools

Main projects and events

  • ExFadda multifunctional center management
  • Participatory process Santu Vitu Mia reloaded

Analysis and lessons learned


See also

  • Santu Vitu Mia reloaded,


External links

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