Participate in Design (P!D)

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Participate in Design (P!D) is a registered non-profit design, planning and educational organisation that helps neighbourhoods and public institutions in Singapore design community-owned spaces and solutions.

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Mission and Purpose

P!D is dedicated to engaging and enabling people in shaping their everyday environments and local communities. Founded on the firm belief that everyone has the right to participate in and influence the design and planning processes that affect them, P!D provides services in designing and facilitating the public participation and engagement process concerning the built environment. 

Origins and Development

P!D was founded in Singapore in 2012 to expand on the participatory design work that its founders, Jan Lim and Mizah Rahman, have been doing as architecture students.

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

P!D organises its work under three wings: P!D Studio, which provides participatory design and planning consultancy services to public, private and civil society organisations; P!D School, which conducts educational workshops and training programmes to equip design professionals and public sector participants with participatory design methods and tools; and P!D Lab, which produces research and publications on participation.

Specializations, Methods and Tools

P!D has developed a Participatory Design Framework based on four key phases that most design and planning projects will take: Connect, Discover, Create and Deliver. At each phase there is a variety of methods and tools through which people can get involved in the design of their built environment, such as Walking Conversations, Kopi (Coffee) Sessions, Street Polls and others. Most of them stem from the team's experiences in working with communities in Singapore, while others are inspired by community practices in other cities. They will continue to evolve over rigorous testing and fine-tuning through real-life projects locally. 

Major Projects and Events

Notable projects include: improving the Neighbourhood Renewal Programme (NRP) framework in various public housing neighbourhoods in Tampines, Singapore, where residents take part in developing ideas on how to enhance their living environments; creating the Hack Our Play toolkit and Singapore's first community-built play space together with children, educators and parents at St James Church Kindergarten; and empowering senior citizens in designing The Hour Glass Kitchen, a community centre cum kitchen at the ground floor of studio apartments for the elderly.

Analysis and Lessons Learned


Designing with People and not just for People, by Jan Lim and Mizah Rahman. Edited by Justin Zhuang of In Plain Words. Singapore: Participate in Design, 2016.

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