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Corso Francia 19

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Mission and Purpose

Avventura Urbana helps public and private bodies design and implement participatory processes that meet their specific needs. Their work is focussed on tailoring public engagement to the situation by working with the organizers to identify the appropriate methodology, the process stages, and the desired results. Particular care is taken in the mapping of stakeholders and the identification of public interests in order to ensure participation is inclusive.[1]

Origins and Development 

Organizational Structure, Membership, and Funding

Specializations, Methods and Tools

Avventura Urbana began its activity with innovative urban regeneration programs in the suburbs of Turin and Milan, and progressively extended its intervention to the construction of participatory processes for public policies and conflict management. AU has organized and implemented over three hundred projects in various fields: environment and waste management, urban and strategic planning, services and gender policies, social inclusion and cooperation, safety at work, and territorial and ethical conflicts. AU's work has used some of the most innovative participatory design techniques in the country such as participatory urban planning, open space technology, citizens' juries, electronic town meetings, deliberative polling, and future workshops.[2]

Major Projects and Events

In 2007 AU collaborated in the management of the participatory process for the construction of the Tuscan law on citizen participation, the first regional law to institutionalize the participation of the public in various areas of law and policy formulation.[2]

Analysis and Lessons Learned


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